9 + 10 oktober


with Zapruder Art Movement



La Plata International Independent Film Festival FestiFreak was established 16 years ago in Buenos Aires (Argentina), with the premise of showing experimental and auteur films that will rarely reach the main cinemas. FestiFreak has become a reference festival within the Argentine film circuit as a true meeting place between authors, works and audiences. FestiFreak supports the purpose of sharing the cinema from its origin and it is what drives it, every year, to look for the films that encourage to elude the conventions and to propose new ways to experience the cinematographic image.

This year, the health situation forces them to expand towards home screens and other coordinates. That is why part of #16FestiFreak will also be developed in partnership with Filmhuis Cavia. From October 9 to 31, FestiFreak will offer a selection of unusual films, which inhabit the margins of current film production, visually provocative, thematically unusual and mostly never seen in Argentina. These films will continue the curiosity of the festival and its audience, despite the distance that separates us.

The curatorship selected for Filmhuis Cavia dives into Argentine and international independent experimental production. We invite you to visit it on October 9th and 10th.

Vrijdag 9 oktober, 19:30
Zaterdag 10 oktober, 19:30


The Seers

The seers approach a sensitive, hallucinated, hypnotic territory. These forms present us with a particular look, foreign, fantastic, another world in the world, through a delicate work on the atmospheres, the melodies, the sounds, designed in a vital disarrangement of images that become present in particular ways. The known becomes unknown, seen from other lights, heard from other sounds, perceived from other climates. The seers reveal other forms of perception  and work about the possible materialities of the image. 


Pantano Swamp
Azucena Losana | 2019 | Argentina, Brasil, México | 6'

Prohibida la Proyección Pública (Public Screening Prohibited)
Leonardo Zito | 2020 | Argentina | 9’

Emilio López | 2019 | Argentina | 3’

Abya Yala
Augusto Lucia | 2020 | Argentina | 8’

El frío floreciendo (The Cold Blossoming)
Juan Borgognoni | 2020 | Argentina | 7’


Zapruder Art Movement


The Violet Hour
Felix van Cleeff | 2011 | Sweden, NL | 17’
A lyrical, wordless film poem on love and vanishing, filmed in the heart of nature.

Sandro Lecca | 2020 | Italy | 1’

Songs For Corona
Sandro Lecca | 2020 | Italy | 3’

Sandro Lecca | 2020 | Italy | 5’

Correspondencia de Covid #1, Jeff y Sayaka, 29 de agosto de 2020
Jeff Zorrilla | 2020 | Argentina, Japan | 4’

Sandro Lecca - PsycoK

Vrijdag 9 oktober, 21:00


The Explorers


The shots, the moving images, the strategies of narrating, of playing, the possibilities. We let ourselves be carried away by these works that create hypotheses, lateral research. They approach desires from the margins, surround the known path and travel a new one with a firm will fed by becoming and chance. These particular explorers launch themselves into the adventure of experimenting and playing with possible stories, possible marginal ways of building a direction and a zigzagging path; adventure then, it is the journey and its form. 


Estratos (Strata)
Julian Galay | 2020 | Argentina, Germany | 10’

Lara Franzetti | 2020 | Argentina | 9’

Fronteras II (Borders II)
Victoria Maréchal | 2019 | Argentina | 18’


The Gaze that Exasperates Time

The gaze implies possible relationships within cinema, with landscapes, characters and even with  objects. It can also be a form of expression of desire. But what happens when gaze becomes  intense? What happens to this exacerbated contemplation? It is possible that gaze configures a  way of creating an atmosphere, of narrating from an action that no longer describes what is  looked at, but from one that gives the possibility of feeling a form of time: no longer from rhythm,  no longer from space, but from the look that exasperates time, that makes it sensitive,  mysterious, playful, revealing. This program presents a series of short films that propose a  journey of pure perception. 


Joaquín Maito | 2019 | Argentina | 10’

Espacio para la ausencia (Space for Absence)
Rodrigo Noya | 2020 | Argentina, Chili, Italy, Germany | 9’ 

Umbral (Threshold)
Gisela Peláez | 2019 | Argentina | 8’

Zaterdag 10 oktober, 21:00


Follow the Light


Follow the light is a compilation of ideas that explore the raw materials of film and video: light and sound. These works make us redirect our gaze, focus. They dazzle us like hares running towards the light. We look for that attempt at form, that fragment of something diffuse that is lost in the dark, that dissolves in the texture and leaves us senseless. Through various techniques, specific to each author, the search materializes in approaches to the unknown, to an internal world. Like diving in a dark ocean, with threads of light that are reflected and refracted in the water so that each one can go through and find the hidden pearl. 


The Pursuit of Anomalous Mind Habitats
Ana Brumat | 2019 | Slovenia | 4’ 

El rojo es el color de los recuerdos (Red is the Color of Memories)
Florencia Ondona | Argentina | 10’ 

Donde empieza la luz (Where Light Begins)
Juan Pedro Vallejo | 2020 | Argentina | 6’ 

Deambular (Wander Around)
Pilar Falco | NL | 10’ 

Days Long Gone (Los días se han ido)
Francisco Irribarra Castro | 2020 | Chili, NL | 6’ 

Remnant from Echo and Shadow
Lichun Tseng | 2020 | NL | 20’

Reflejo nocturno (I) (Night Reflection (I))
Benjamín Ellenberger | 2020 | Argentina | 5’ 

In the foyer on both days:

The Shivers

Audio visual installation by Ana Brumat


Certain species of arachnids extrude silk in order to build a web structure. The net becomes a sensorial device in the form of a network, that through the shivers of its threads detects stimuli from the environment. We ourselves can decide, if we want to amplify or reduce the amplitude of our sensory perception. We can control the intensity and amount of attention that is given to a certain type of stimuli. Our minds create and spread invisible mental structures that hunt for desired or necessary information. The installation is a permeant reminder of our personal self-constructed sensory webs which we utilise to perceive and devour the flood of information in our environment.




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