19 juni

Cinéma La Clef Rerun
#1 en #2

NL Een programma van films samengesteld door Cavia voor de cinema La Clef in Parijs, eerder geannuleerd vanwege de lockdown, nu te zien in ons eigen filmhuis. "Er waait een opstand over het Quartier Latin. La Clef, een bioscoop die in april 2018 is gesloten door de eigenaar van het pand, de ondernemingsraad van de Ile-de-France Savings Bank, is illegaal bezet. Sinds 21 september vertoont een vreugdevolle troep filmliefhebbers (toeschouwers, jonge regisseurs, collectieven en kunstenaarskraakpanden) bijna elke avond films in deze ruimte, die ontstaan is vanuit de geest van mei '68."

EN A program of films curated by Cavia for the La Clef cinema in Paris, previously cancelled due to the lockdown, now showing at our own cinema. “A wind of revolt is blowing over the Latin Quarter. La Clef, a cinema closed in April 2018 by the owner of the walls, the works council of the Ile-de-France Savings Bank, is illegally occupied. Since September 21, a joyful troop of film buffs (spectators, young directors, collectives and artist squats) have been screening films almost every night in this room, which was born from the boiling of May 68."

Vrijdag 19 juni, 19:00 | RESERVEREN


Cinéma La Clef Rerun #1

Death in the Port Jackson Hotel

Ed van der Elsken | 1972 | NL | 36' | EN spoken

EN A 36 minute film by Ed Van Der Elsken about the Australian artist Vali Myers. A real mind-trip of aesthetics and ideas.



Derk Jarman | 1994 | VK | 60' | EN spoken

EN This film captures the more artistically poetic side of Jarman, and was basically edited by Jarman on his deathbed. His final work has been described as a "Glam Punk diary", and it has a bright melancholic feel, embracing all the people on the margins who have created their own community. Glitterbug is composed of 15 years worth of edited super-8 'home movie' footage shot in the 70s and 80s to create a moving evocation of a generation, seen through the camera of artist and filmmaker Derek Jarman. This poetic film-collage is set to a soundtrack composed and recorded for the film by Brian Eno. The viewer is caught up in a deluge of small portraits and details.... snapshots of people with whom he shared his life. A nostalgic, intimate, touching portrait of friendship and happier times. Tilda Swinton is of course one of the faces that ignite like magic in these flickering images. With footage from home and on the streets, from gigs and fashion shows, on set shooting his first feature Sebastian, scenes of gardens and mazes.

Vrijdag 19 juni, 21:30 | RESERVEREN


Cinéma La Clef Rerun #2: Short film program

Heart of Hunger

Bernardo Zanotta | 2018 | NL | 29'

A hungry heart, a celebration of the body, both exposed and concealed at the same time, like baroque paintings: guilty, ashamed or further alienated from our voyeur gaze. A secret dividing the actors and their scenic world from the public who has come to witness it; an episodic narration around the unspeakable; two friends travelling in the same boat and playing lustful and sadistic games. The characters in Heart of Hunger can act, feel and experiment, but they cannot testify as to the relationships that determine them. They lose each other, they find each other; the heart is a lonely hunter.


Selection of Atrabilious Amsterdam Experimental Film Festival

Short films | 26'

International film festival with more than 70 short experimental films from 25 different filmmakers. In recent years, the festival has gained cult status within the range of experimental film through the radical and poetic programming put together by the Zapruder Art Movement, including work by Martha Colburn, Pierre Merejkowsky, Charlotte Arena, The Zapruder Art Movement, Larry Wang and Jean Paul Bouatta.


Remapping the Origins

Johannes Gierlinger | 2018 | Polen / Oostenrijk | 42' | 16mm-to-digital

EN In Remapping the Origins we reflect on how to deal with history and memory in a formerly pluralistic and revolutionary place, the city of Białystok, birthplace of two visionaries - inventor of international language Esperanto L.L. Zamenhof and Russian Soviet pioneer film director Dziga Vertov. We encounter a permanent clash of ideologies, ideas and beliefs in an environment where the political pressure of the right wing is most urgent and cynical. In it, we search for traces that could stand as an example of resistance for Europe, maybe for all our future.


The Death of the Fireflies

Camila Rodriguez Triana | 2015 | Colombia | 15' | analog animation-to-digital

EN The fall of an old house is the symbolic encounter a woman has with her roots.

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