Sunday 24 February


Hosted by Jeffrey

Yep, here we go again... the first all-day Sunday Mashup experiment last month went so well we decided to create another one this month. But be warned.... the Mashups are short lived – like certain butterflies that only live a day before they perish – I feel the Mashups can only happen in winter, when days are short. So make the most of them while they are here!

The idea of the Mashups is to bring together a harrowing collection of different kinds of movies, influenced by my wild memories of the legendary Scala Cinema in London back in the 80s. The programing will be eclectic, in an attempt to open up the spectrum of cinema and break away from any narrow-minded genre or style. You are free to come for the entire ride, or you can hit-and-run by just seeing a single movie... it's up to you.

The screenings will be at 3, 5, 7 and 9pm.

Free entrance.

Doors open at 14:30.
Note: Between 20:00 and 21:00 there will be an one-hour break to grab some food.

- Jeffrey of Cine-Interzone

Free entrance.
It's not possible to make reservations.