Zaterdag 13 april, 14:00


A Transformation Game by Áron Birtalan

EN Transformation Games is an artistic and political practice that tries to re-imagine the world around us through playful social experiences. The Transformation Games from Áron Birtalan combine techniques of role play, rituals, movement practices, story telling and daily routines. There is no one who 'acts', no external view through the eyes of an audience. This makes an intimate place possible where the artwork is not the spectacle, but the experience of the participant.

Katalin Juhász passed away on December the 26th 2015 at the age of seventy-two. A loner and old maid her entire life, she left behind 3 boxes containing a startling number of catalogued audio cassettes containing private conversations, field and ambience recordings and collages of stray sounds. 'Katalin' is the first experiment to explore this remarkable, real-life archive.

'Katalin' is a shared experience of deep listening and deep responding. We will be guided through different playful exercises in imagination and attention; exploring and engaging with the sounds past, in order to re-imagine and transform the present.

Length: 4,5 hours, including a workshop.
Limited to 15 players – please sign up HERE in advance!

(Otherwise players cannot join, so if you guys wanna play, please sign up!)

If you would like to join, more information can be found on Cavia’s facebook and Áron’s website. As said, there is no audience, only participants! :) HERE is a F.A.Q. for what to expect when coming to a Transformation Game.

Entrance 5 euros.

The project is supported under the AFK Project Subsidies scheme.