Sunday 30 December

The Coming of Cindy Claus

+ secret feature film

Just before the end of the year we will have a screening of a fun and wild queer experimental short film, together with a controversial feature film from the early 80s, which was an inspiration for creating Cindy Claus. Come and join our cosy winter club!

Sunday 30 December, 20:00


The Coming of Cindy Claus

Reinilde Jonkhout | 2018 | Nederland | 22' | English spoken

The global, religious, tyrannical dictator Santa figure of Sinterklaas colonized the world after he colonized Europe from space. His female servants, made to wear Santa masks, are tired after cleaning up after his endless coke-fueled rage fits, and discover a spell to bring back his long-lost lesbian twin-sister Cindy Claus along with her whip and assistant dominatrix. The female servants of Sinterklaas give her a warm, or rather, hot welcome.

If Cindy Claus can morph Sinterklaas through controlled physical punishment, he can release his repressed femininity, put his best cross-dressing foot forward and forget his violent ways. Should Cindy succeed, a now forgotten Yuletide tradition will be re-introduced, honoring the seven different mid-winter Gods in which female energy takes center stage and that remind us of our humanity.


The FEATURE FILM we’ll be showing served as inspiration for Cindy Claus in that, for the fact that it’s from the early 80s, making this feature would be controversial even if it was made in today’s time, being a hallucinating, heart-warming and funny story around a few women who take Catholicism and make it into something entirely their own as they see fit, even if that deems them destined for hell according to some traditional bible-slinging Christian men.

Starts at 20:00.

Free entrance.
It's not possible to make reservations.