Vrijdag 6 + zaterdag 7 mei, 20:30

Holy Fuck! presents: The Raspberry Reich

Bruce La Bruce, 2004, DE/CA, 90'

"HETEROSEXUALITY IS THE OPIATE OF THE MASSES! THE REVOLUTION IS MY BOYFRIEND!" These are the slogans of the female leader of the Raspberry Reich, an all-male activist group who kidnap the son of a German banker to distribute the ransom money and start a gay revolution. A humorously violent, frequently pornographic crime comedy, this is provocateur director Burce Labruce's "critique of 'terrorist chic' using pornography to examine sexual politics and homosexual radicalism".

Donderdag 12 + vrijdag 13 mei, 20:30


György Pálfi, 2006, HU/AT/FR, 90', 35mm

Donderdag 19 mei, 20:30

FAIRcinema : Estate, A Reverie

Andrea Luka Zimmerman,2015, UK, 83'

Deze documentaire, gefilmd over zeven jaar, is een portret van een groep verstotelingen wonend in een sociaal woningbouwproject in Oost-Londen dat in zeer slechte staat verkeert en klaar staat om gesloopt te worden. De film probeert een stem te geven aan deze mensen die normaal gesproken weinig serieus genomen worden en ze in plaats daarvan te tonen als gelijken die ook proberen te overleven met de beperkte mogelijkheden die ze hebben gekregen. Tegelijkertijd creëert de filmmaker een beeld van de mogelijkheid voor een wereld die meer inclusief is en meer gericht is op collectiviteit.

This documentary, filmed over seven years, is a portrait of a group of outcasts living in a social housing project in East-London that is in a terrible state of disrepair and scheduled for demolition. The film tries to give a voice to these people, who are rarely taken seriously and instead tries to show them as equals attempting to survive with the limited means they have been given. At the same time the filmmaker creates with her film the possibility for a world that is more inclusive and more aimed at collectivity.

Toegang gratis, donaties welkom.
De vertoning is deel van FAIRcity.

Vrijdag 20 mei, 20:30

FAIRcinema : My Brooklyn

Kelly Anderson, 2012, USA, 2012, 85'

Op vrijdag vertonen we een zeer persoonlijke documentaire over de wijk Brooklyn in New York die in de afgelopen jaren enorme veranderingen heeft doorgemaakt onder invloed van gentrificatie en urban renewal. De hier woonachtige filmmaakster observeert uit eigen ervaring hoe de toename van luxe appartementen en winkelketens de begeerlijkheid van de wijk verandert en tegelijkertijd bepaalde type mensen uitstoot, alternatieve culturen vernielt en raciale diversiteit laat afnemen. Een proces dat we inmiddels ook duidelijk kunnen waarnemen in Amsterdam en daarom ook voor ons bijzonder relevant is.

A very personal documentary about the borough of Brooklyn, New York, which has been the subject of enormous change in the past few years because of gentrification and urban renewal. The filmmaker, who has been documenting her neighbourhood since 1988, has observed how the increase of luxury apartments and chain stores affects the desirability of the area and has also meant the exclusion of certain types of people, the destruction of alternative culture and the diminishing of racial diversity. It is a process that we can now observe clearly in Amsterdam as well and is therefore extremely relevant for us too.

Toegang gratis, donaties welkom.
De vertoning is deel van FAIRcity.

Zaterdag 21 mei, 20:30

Holy Fuck! presents: Bike Smut

Science Friction ***XXXCLUSIVE***

Bike Smut, the world's one and only erotic bicycle film festival makes its much awaited return to Amsterdam. After nine years of annual programming, Bike Smut has deciced to take one a new form, so this will be the final year of bike-sexual films as we know it, which means it may be your last chance to see Bike Smut in Amsterdam. We return with an entirely new program of short films, entitled 'Science Friction', still celebrating human-powered transportation and sex-positive culture, but with a futuristic twist.

Donderdag 26 + vrijdag 27 mei, 20:30

I Even Met Happy Gypsies

Aleksandar Petrovic, 1967, Yugoslavia, 94'

Friday after the movie the Argentinian band Antimufa will perform. Keeping the flavor alive and by means of a distinctive instrumentation, these 4 Argentinean musicians are searching within the traditional repertoire of the songbook from Río de la Plata, Buenos Aires, with a new format and a new approach. The spontaneous improvisation added to classic tangos, milongas and folkloric rhythms create a landscape of detailed textures, powerful melodies and sophisticated sounds. Moreover, this is a trip that cannot only be taken through the ears: The adventurous dancers are also invited to interact with the band.

Zondag 29 mei, 15:00

Visual Sunday : Le Samouraï

Jean-Pierre Melville, 1967, FR/IT, 105'

In a career-defining performance, Alain Delon plays a contract killer with samurai instincts. A razor-sharp cocktail of 1940s American gangster cinema and 1960s French pop culture, maverick director Jean-Pierre Melville’s masterpiece Le Samouraï defines cool.

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Reserveren kan via e-mail. Graag de naam en de datum van de voorstelling in de onderwerpregel vermelden.

Entrance 4,- euro, unless stated otherwise. We also accept the Cineville card.

Reservations can be made via e-mail. Please state the name and date of the film in the subject line.