Zaterdag 16 november

Zaterdag 16 november, 12:00


Brazilian documentary and fictional animation on globalization

Zaterdag 16 november, 14:00


The Fig House

Pitzi Kampouroglou | 2019 | Greece | 107' | EN subs

Ten persons of different nationalities, refugees and activists (plus a cat), are living for seven months in a squat in Thessaloniki while trying to reach Germany through the Balkan route. While working to achieve their goal, they come across the everyday troubles and risks familiar to those who live on the edge of society.

Zaterdag 16 november, 17:00


Hamburger Gitter

Steffen Maurer + Marco Heinig | 2018 | Germany | 80' | EN subs

The state lost control of Hamburg in the summer of 2017 during the G20 protests and is now trying to regain it. 170 investigators are working on hundreds of cases against militant demonstrators and people involved in rioting and looting. Harsh punishments were demanded and imposed in more than 40 cases so far. This documentary focuses on how the protests were dealt with and state security policy, paying attention to why freedom of assembly, freedom of movement and freedom of the press are important when considering the changes in police strategies. Could fundamental rights be suspended during protests? Are there judicial and legislative grounds to react differently to violent protests? Which methods of repression of the "exceptional G20 situation" in Hamburg could become the norm? Hamburger Glitter follows up by documenting the relevant events, talking to people on both sides and interviewing experts on the history of protests, fundamental rights, security policy and the overall political situation.

Zaterdag 16 november, 19:30


A documentary on liberation from colonialism and neocolonialism

Zaterdag 16 november, 19:30


Thriller: Surrealist existentialism in Franco’s Spain

Music: Oust

Punk band from Amsterdam and Nijmegen.



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