Vrijdag 15 november

Vrijdag 15 november, 16:00


Voices of Bakur

Two Rivers and a Valley | 2015 | Turkish/Kurdish/EU/USA | 32' | EN subs

A highly important documentation of an under-reported popular insurrection for autonomy covering democratic autonomy, women’s liberation, self-defense and the civil war in southeastern Turkey. The film features interviews shot on the ground with various Kurdish organizers, many who are now facing jail sentences, are already in jail or were killed. It also features footage from various news sources which have now been shut down and banned by the state. The film was created by Two Rivers and a Valley, a collective of Turkish, Kurdish, European, and US radical filmmakers.



Leyla Toprak | 2016 | Syria/Turkey | 16' | EN subs

The Syrian Kurdish militia defending Kobane against the Isis terrorists are one third women. In this short film

about war and the love of life, two female fighters describe why this struggle is also one for women’s freedom. Their optimism is contrasted with the ruins of the city. Through short, precisely composed shots the camera explores the possibilities of new life among ruins through which a mysterious dancer is moving.

Vrijdag 15 november, 17:30


To Wait or Provoke

Matthieu Quillet | 2018 | France | 17' | EN spoken

A filmed letter from the text "Crowbar chronicles, fragments of a life from breaking and entering. A subversive, offensive but also self-critical testimony of 15 years (and more) squatting life experience.



Matthieu Quillet | 2016 | France | 80' | EN subs

This documentary on the everyday life and struggles of squatted social spaces was made between 2014 and 2018 featuring squats, a self-managed space, a neighbourhood, occupied land and their hundred inhabitants in a medium sized city in France, following their meetings, parties and how they manage their space.

Vrijdag 15 november, 20:30


Raspberry Reich

Bruce LaBruce | 2004 | Germany/Canada | 90' | EN spoken

As hilarious as it is hot, the film showcases what LaBruce calls "terrorist chic", cult dynamics, and the "innate radical potential of homosexual expression". The story follows a contemporary terrorist group consisting of several young men, and a female leader named Gudrun (after Gudrun Ensslin) who are continuing the work of the Red Army Faction. They call themselves the "Sixth Generation of the Baader-Meinhof Gang" and "The Raspberry Reich". "Reich" is a reference to communist sexologist Wilhelm Reich, and the term "Raspberry Reich" was coined by RAF leader Gudrun Ensslin to refer to the oppression of consumer society.

Shown with a short documentary of a police investigation into consensual homosexual sadomasochism.

Music: MC Mustaj

A queer electronic musician and rapper based in Amsterdam, bringing sexy beats, hardcore bass, souly vocals and tight rhymes filled with hope, using music to share, to connect, to dance, to release and as a weapon against the structures of oppression, in particular those of gender and racism, this society is based on.



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